One of the great things about LED bike lights is long battery life but what if customers never had to replace batteries ever? Sure, some battery sales would be lost but many customers could be sold up to the concept of pricey lights that would last for donkey's years with no running costs, believes a regular contributor to the BikeBiz BBS

Will Welsh solar powered LEDs kick batteries into touch?

Easthill Enterprises of Wales – run by Frank Clavis of Corratec, Effjay and Bikedirect Europe fame – is developing a LED front and a rear light system powered by solar and ambient light energy.

The system requires exposure to ambient light for a mininum of two hours per day. This would generate enough power to run the LEDs all night long, perfect for Shimano Sleepless in the Saddle marathons.

Clavis said he has a working prototype that is left on his office desk during the day and as soon as it gets dark it automatically starts flashing and continues until daylight.

The final product will include an on/off switch, be detachable and have a choice of flashing or sequential lights and will be a similar size to Cat Eye, Smart and other battery powered systems.

Under development is a solar unit to power conventional battery-powered lights.

A new company is being formed to manufacture the lights in Wales. World patents protect the complex sealed unit, said Clavis.


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