The website of wildlife education charity Wild About Britain is calling for more volunteers to help populate the site with news and pix. The site owners want cycle info. Andrew Hunter of Brooks saddles is helping the charity with its marketing and content development.

Wildlife site seeks cycling contributors is run by Hunter’s brother, Stuart Diston-Hunter, and contains daily news, an events calendar, forums, and photo galleries.

"Wild About Britain desperately need volunteers to help add content and design, photographs and news from every corner of the British Isles," said Andrew Hunter.

"Essentially, the web site aims to get people from every age group and background to become more actively involved in our natural heritage. By providing a full range of information on wildlife, the environment and outdoor activities, we aim to show that our countryside still has a great deal to offer, and that modern entertainment needn’t be limited to computer games, videos and television."

Hunter said contributors could submit photos, write about days out, or forthcoming events.

"We currently have volunteers that range from the occasional forum poster or photograph contributor to web developers, designers and journalists that have all helped to produce 20 000 web pages," said Hunter.

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