Now *that's* a futuristic bike. Integrated lighting, internet access and it's even got a USB 3.0 port

Wi-Fi equipped Levitation Bike is a pedal power house

Dezien has produced a bicycle that can justifiably call itself futuristic – the Levitation.

The bike comes equipped with Wi-Fi as well as an LED screen that acts as a cycle computer as well as how much you energy you’ve generated for the internal battery.

That battery can then be plugged in – via a removable grip – to devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. But that’s not all, the battery can be used to generate power that you can then use in the home, once it has been plugged in.

The bike comes ready equipped with integral lights in the forks, rear of the frame and wheels.

The frame is made from Hi-Macs acrylic solid surface, the kind of stuff used in counter tops in kitchens. Levitation’s components are fabricated from Hi-Macs CNC milled material for an ‘ultra strong and light creation’. The choice of material turns out to not be so unusual – it was entered into this year’s Hi-Macs Design Contest.

Enough talk, feast your eyes.

More pics on the Dezien site here.

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