...because using a car is too expensive for local journeys, says the latest user research

Why are more people riding on the National Cycle Network?

Spiralling motoring costs and increasing financial worries are leading to an upsurge in the number of those using the UK’s National Cycle Network.

Over half (66 per cent) of NCN users cited money as one of the reasons why they used it, according to the latest annual usage statistics.

Journeys were up 13 per cent from the year before, with women making 40 per cent of all journeys on the network.

“With petrol prices at record highs, the cost of doing so many local journeys by car is increasing and this doesn’t look like it will change,” commented Sustrans chief exec Malcolm Shepherd.

“Local journeys make up sixty seven per cent of all trips and now the sheer cost of a quick one mile school-run or three mile commute into work is becoming a real financial burden. Recent statistics show that saving money is a major reason why people use the National Cycle Network.

“Enabling people to make short local journeys without having to use their cars is the key and that means investing in walking and cycling as an integral part of the local transport network as well as in public transport.

Nearly three million people used the National Cycle Network last year, with the total health benefits to its users valued at a mighty £400,000,000 (calculated using the WHO’s Health Economic Assessment Tool).

The RAC has recently announced that a third of drivers have cut down on the amount of car journeys they make because of the increased cost of motoring.

Sustrans has called on local authorities to offer wider choice to its populations to travel locally, and up investment in walking and cycling.

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