Single-speed entrepreneur and editor of Brant Richards is happy to pay the earth for the petrol he uses, and hes busy telling the mainstream media that other people should be happy too. Oh, and of course, hes promoting bikes at the same time

Who needs petrol, says Brant

Heres the press release Brant has cheekily sent out to the mainstream media.

Internet bike company On-One are employing professional cyclists to

deliver their bikes to customers doors during the petrol crisis.

"We normally use a courier company", said spokesman Brant Richards,

"but now things are getting tight on the fuel front, we’ve had to use

Wayne Randle, John Tanner and Mark Lovatt who ride for our team".

These are no run-of-the-mill riders either – Current National

Champion Tanner is due to leave for the Sydney Olympics on Monday and

team mate Mark Lovatt is the highest ranked UK road rider. Brant

added "We’ve got other riders too, and we’ll be roping in members of

the local cycling club to help if things get busy.

"In spite of the problems that we’ve been put under by the petrol

crisis, we’re of the opinion that petrol tax should be higher. 90% of

journeys are unnecessary, and cars put a huge strain on the

environment,", said Richards

On-One’s Inbred bike was described as the ideal commuting bike by a

magazine recently. It’s main feature is it’s simple single-speed

transmission, and a classic steel frame. The bike retails for £750

(including delivery!)

See the bikes at

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