Four items were judged to be at the cutting edge...

Which bicycle products earned Taipei design awards?

Four gold awards were given out at the 2013 Taipei Cycle D&I Awards last month. So what came top, proving they were at the bleeding edge of bicycle design? A wheelset, insole, child bike seat and disc brake…

Gigantex’s EQUINOX M.I.S.S. wheelset combines stiffness, stability, is lightweight and has fast acceleration and svelt looks. The system busts unnecessary friction so less energy is wasted between the rider’s power input and the wheel system. Using carbon fibre for the wheel body the spokes are stiff, the weight is reduced and aerodynamics are improved.

On a similar theme of power transmission, the Currexsole Bikepro insole from Global Action aims to enhance performance as well as reduce injury. The 40gm Bikepro insole is a patented three-layer insole.

According to the manufacturer it integrates ‘leg axis’ and foot arch support into the design. Semi-tailor-made, it increases comfort and even reduces fatigue using ‘optimal orthopaedics’. In a nutshell, the insole aims to connect the foot and shoe so effectively that it acts as one force of transmission. Not only that but the forefoot rebound pad increases energy return for powerful pedalling and a strategically placed cushion acts as shock absorber in the rear foot area. There’s even something to stop your shoes smelling bad.

Slightly less technical, arguably, but a gold winner nonetheless, Hamax won out with the Caress – a new high-end child bike seat which is coming to market 2013, and spied at Zyro’s Open House in January and Eurobike in the summer before that. With a sleek look – all clean lines, gently curving surfaces and the like – there are a number of innovations including a new footrest system that can be adjusted with one hand (as per the Hamax mantra) and a new harness system with shoulder paddings which are more comfortable, easier to fit and help keep the child safely upright. A reflective in the back improves visibility and the Caress naturally hits all the relevant EN safety requirements.

The final gold winner is the Spyre from Tektro. This twin piston mechanical disc brake uses a U-type lever arm so the cable can to operate both pistons simultaneously. Not lacking in the power department – suitable for high-end road riding – this mechanical disc brake offers greater stopping power through dual pistons and better modulation. Forged aluminium inboard and outboard CNC design offers neat and stiff performance, the makers say. Designed for the road and cyclocross markets, it is compatible with all drop-bar brake levers.

Aside from those top four winners, the lightweight IFmove folding bike from Pacific Cycles earned a prize, as did fellow folder Verge S11i from Tern, which makes use of a Joule 3 dynamo hub to power lights and gadgets.
Tern also scored a win for its Physis 3d-forged handlepost, making use of Norglide bearings. Elsewhere, Airace won out for its Hard TL tyre lever and Veloce A floor pump while JetBlack grabbed a prize for its top tube gear bag. See the full list of winners at

Next year the show will return slightly earlier in the calendar from March 5th to 8th. There is further change in the air for Taipei Cycle Show, however, with Giant president Tony Lo mooting a July kickoff for the show in 2015 and beyond. A survey is being carried out among exhibitors and attendees to determine whether the show will be pushed back to a month before Eurobike.

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