Let's hope the cuttings file for the National Festival of Cycling 2000 is a bulging one by the weekend because there's been precious little coverage of the BA/CTC event so far...

Where is Festival PR?

Amanda Barry PR appointed by John Carrington Beard of the BA can perhaps furnish us with such a bulging press cuttings file and then we’ll shut up but can anybody reading this site come up with any press mentions of the BA’s bike bash this weekend (IPC titles don’t count, they are co-sponsoring the event)?

The launch of the National Cycle Network is getting acres of space but the Festival is the bike trade’s little secret!

For instance, in the Press Association Diary from last Thursday, the NCN gets a mention and so does Ride the Health but there’s no pointer to the festival.

The forward planning entry for Wednesday 21st June has three entries and is headed by the Birmingham launch of the Network (the second entry is the Queen Mum’s birthday party at Windsor Castle).

The entries for Friday, Saturday and Sunday mention the Ride for Health fesivities but no other cycle events.

Has Amanda Barry PR been unfortunate or have critical contacts such as the PA been missed off their mailing list? BikeBiz has had just two or three press releases mentioning the Festival. OK, so we are not mainstream media and therefore not a key target but you’d think we’d be patched with all the stuff they are sending out anyway.

The CTC and Sustrans have been very successful at getting the bike message across but, unless we are very much mistaken, too few people have read editorial mentions of the Festival.

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