Dirt magazine has just given an On One product an absolute roasting. On One is co-owned by journalist Brant Richards who hasnt been averse to roasting products in his magazine reviews over the past few years. Poetic justice, some may feel. Richards is non-plussed and sees it as all part of the game

When the boot is on the other foot

The current issue of Dirt magazine from the lads at 4130 Publishing in Dorchester is scathing in its criticisms of On Ones Dirt Jump tyre. Its said to be "possibly one of the mankiest products that weve ever been sent."

In fact, the review is so critical and OTT it has probably turned a few people on to the tyre and the On One Old Skool Dirt Jump tyre is likely to become a cult item.

Dirt gives it the comedy item of the month award.

Other On One products get good reviews (and in the previous issue there had been a generous article on Brant Richards and his On One project) but the tyre clearly took the biscuit:

"Let me make it clear. WE HATE THIS TYRE!," said Dirt, of the white gumwalled 26×2.1inch tyre.

"We hated this tyre so much that we didnt even bother to fit it on a wheel, which is a shame because it probably rides just about acceptably."

This last point grates with Richards:

"Ive always ridden every product Ive reviewed, even when Ive thought they might be dangerous or I didnt like the look of it. You cant review something without riding it."

Hes philosophical about the review, taking the pot shots on the chin and realising you cant please all of the people all of the time:

"Having been a journalist myself I’ve seen both sides of it, I’ve had manufacturers selling bikes based on the reviews I’ve written then turn around and say that I don’t know what I’m talking about when I say that one of their other bikes is rubbish.

"I know Dirt haven’t got it in for us, and really you can’t complain when one month they tell people your frame, or bars, or cranks or whatever is the best around – and we promote our stuff by saying "hey, look what the guys at Dirt say". Then next month they slag off your tyres, say.

"You’ve got to take that rough with the smooth.

"I think it’s pretty clear they didn’t like the tyres, but that’s OK, we’ve got lots of people that do, and as it happens we’re working on a better model right now.

I’d rather they hadn’t run the review of the tyre to be honest, but I bet we’ll still sell tyres because of the picture being in there. It’s not like they fell apart, or caused anyone an injury. It’s just a tyre with white walls that costs a tenner. I like them!"

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