Wheelsuckers has announced the winner of a 2016 poll to find the most popular cycling cafés in the UK.

Wheelsuckers reveals outcome of cycling cafe poll 2016

Wheelsuckers, the social network for road cyclists, has revealed which cycle cafes are considered the best in the UK, according to a poll it conducted.

With over 1,700 voest cast, the brand has announced that the Wheelsuckers top three cycling cafes of 2016 are:

1. Bike Beans Cycle Cafe in Surrey

2.Pedalling Squares in Newcastle Upon Tyne

3. Expresso Library in Cambridgeshire

Only nominated cafes made it onto the short-list of 41 establishments that were elibible to recieve votes.

Jamie Chisolm, founder and owner of Bike Beans Cycle Cafe commented: "We are really exited about achieving the top-slot in the Wheelsuckers favorite cycling’cafe poll. The support we’ve had from our customers and fans just typifies the Bike Beans community and what we are all about."

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