Ramp champ and bunny-hop maestro Jez Avery is after a new tough bikes and sponsorship deal

Wheelie king seeks new bike deal

Jez Avery has been touring the country with his stunt show since 1999. He’s famous for his no-front-wheel wheelies, ramp-to-ramp jumping and bunny hopping.

Previously Avery has had deals with Muddy Fox, Saracen, GT and Raleigh-Diamondback.

The new sponsorship package would need to include two high-end bikes.

"I’m after a full suss around £800 no less, as the bikes need to last a season of hard knocks. The bikes I use in my performances are subjected to quite a lot of harsh treatment, and are expected to be tough and reliable," said Avery.

The sponsorship also includes appearance fees at county shows and the like. Avery can attend 50+ events a year. He’s also a regular on TV, having appeared on BBC’s Blue Peter and other mainstream shows.

Sponsors get featured on the side of Avery’s massive Mercedes motorhome which is placed centre-stage during his performances. Sponsors get to place stickers on the truck sides. Big stickers: 9 foot by 24 foot.

Avery talks to the show crowds via a helmet microphone.

"I talk about the tricks I’m about to do but also talk about the bikes I’m riding, the clothing I’m wearing and dealers in the area. All of this can be tied in to one brand," said Avery.

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