Teaser video gives very few clues, though hydraulic road discs looking ever more likely

What’s Magura got in the pipeline?

Magura has posted a teaser video to its Facebook page of… nobody knows.BikeRadar might have a clue.

Spotted a few days back, BikeBiz asked the industry what they made of the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ product teaser, at the same time taking a pretty dire stab at what the product could be.

The manufacturer is yet to confirm any details, though has revealed it is not working alone with this statement: "In January 2012, the hydraulics expert Magura will present a product that will revolutionize cycling. For one-and-a-half years, pioneering engineers have been hard at work on an innovative hydraulic braking system. And Magura has succeeded in keeping the entire project completely under wraps. Magura has also brought a co-operation partner on board to complement its own expertise. Who this is though, is also a secret."

Any other guesses?

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