I havent seen the little gizmo in the flesh yet, but I know I want one. Its going to be a massive hit, a must-have for every shop and every kid (of whatever age).

What did that bike just say?

Once in a while a new product comes along that is genuinely different. This is one of those products. Its called Talkin-Spokes.

Its a device that fits onto bike spokes and displays a text message via a flashing LED as the wheel rotates. Shop owners could ride around town at night with Buy from Bloggs Cycles as their text; Critical Massers could flash rude messages at motorists; and children could spell out swear words to upset anybody over 35.

Here, according to the supplier, is how it works:

Advanced microprocessor technology means that you can program any message you like by simply pressing two buttons, then as your wheel turns your message is displayed for all to see. Highly visible, easy to attach, fits in your pocket. Talkin-Spokes can say anything from fun greetings, to serious advertising…

Dont know this for a fact yet but it probably works on a similar principle to the Innovations catalogue metronome clock which spells out the time as though in mid-air.

Visit our website and download the video footage, says a press release from the supplier, Hyena Games.

Well, if www.hyenagames.demon.co.uk worked, I could, but it doesnt, so I cant.

If Talkin-Spokes is half as good as it sounds itll be a massive hit. Hyena Games are booked in for the Cycle & Leisure Show and I predict theyll be mobbed!

Remember, you heard about it first at www.bikebiz.co.uk…

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