What can retailers do to improve customer experience?

(Written by Stuart Hayes, senior brand manager at Giro ZyroFisher)

As a distributor, we are continually looking at ways to make sure our retailers have the necessary tools to effectively sell the brands we represent.

Bike retailers provide an indispensible service, and those that survive long into the future will be the ones that add the most value to the purchasing experience. By offering expertise and creating inviting spaces, we can inspire consumers and influence their buying habits. Great retail is more than just a product on a peg. As consumers, we get excited when we enter a retail space that we can identify with, and we remember great customer service for years to come.

If I enter a running store looking for a pair of trainers, and leave with the shoes and an additional pair of socks, I’ll likely have been taken through a fit process that has given me the confidence I needed to take the plunge and make an additional purchase. A passionate retailer’s inspiring setting, paired with the added value of a service element, can motivate the consumer to consider additional products that complement a main purchase.

A prime example of a brand that makes this possible for the retailer is Giro. At ZyroFisher, we work directly with our brands’ global product and marketing teams. We strive to develop compelling product ranges that correspond to our market needs in the UK. I work personally with Giro. Alongside my colleagues, we have spent the last four years developing all categories of the brand in the UK. In the past, most people would have recognised Giro as a manufacturer of high-quality helmets, but in recent years, it has diversified into footwear and clothing. Introducing these new categories has seen the brand flourish in a retail environment with incredible success.

The key to this success has been developing products that not only stand on their own, but also complement other products across all categories. When collections are merchandised together, the brand’s personality is expressed effectively and the impact is at its most powerful. Products thrive in stores with a strong community and culture to surround them. Alongside good customer service, strong in-store presence expresses a brand identity and tells the story associated with it. Providing added value to the shopping experience, whether that be a comprehensive fit service or a really good cup of coffee, increases your chances of making a sale. That’s when making a purchase transcends the simple act of buying what you need. With accessories in categories such as helmets, footwear, apparel and softgoods, brands like Giro use complementary colour stories and graphics across the entire product range. When merchandised as collections, or with a simple colour lockup if space is at a premium, customers are inspired to consider buying more. Stores don’t need a major refit to achieve this. It can be small details that make all the difference.

It’s our job to add value to retailers by providing tools to help them achieve sell-through. When we make this possible for IBDs, the upsell potential is huge.

For more information on the complete Giro product line and for details about merchandising and training solutions, please contact your ZyroFisher account manager.

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