BMX manufacturer calling on UK dealers to register their shop to new site

WeThePeople launches new website for 2010

Germany-based WeThePeople has launched a new website, to which it is calling on UK dealers to register their shops.

Klaus Dyba, the joint-owner of WTP told BikeBiz: “The UK is always within the top three countries of worldwide visitors, so registering your shop on the dealer page is a great chance for you to show your support and also draw in some new customers.”

“We are really proud of our new website. Since 2003 we haven’t change the system behind the site. Back then words like ‘wordpress’ or blogs were not known, but we already had a full self programmed content management-system based website. Now times have changed and visitors to the site are looking for something more. It was important to have an easy navigation system, but still have plenty of features.

“So here it is, the new site features all the usual stuff like tab-based product, the team and news sections, plus an automatic customer service ticket system and an automatic dealer registration page where retailers can register their shops. We also have a ‘You’ page where riders can upload their ride. The ‘You’ section is an opportunity for the riders to show off their bikes and custom builds. We had 30 new bikes registered on the first day.”

The rider-owned brand is also behind components brands Eclat and Salt.

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