[VIDEO] David Cameron has today expressed his backing of The Times' cycle safe campaign. But won't pledge any new cash.

“We need to get behind campaigns like this,” says PM of #cyclesafe

Today, as part of Prime Minister’s questions, Dr Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge, asked David Cameron whether he backed The Times’ cyclesafe campaign and whether more investment in cycling would be the result.

Cameron answered by saying – perhaps unhelpfully – "anyone knows that getting on to a bicycle, especially in our busier cities, is taking their life into their hands."

He then went on to restate the Government’s position of cash for cycling i.e. nothing new will be unveiled any time soon.

David Cameron said The Times’ campaign was "excellent" and "we need to do more to make cycling safer" because of "the growth we’ve seen in cycling recent years."

It’s worth noting that the Coaltion Government abolished Cycling England last year.

Here’s the full text of the exchange:

Dr Julian Huppert: "Tomorrow members of this House will have the chance to debate the importance of cycling, following the Times’ Cities Fit For Cycling campaign. The Minister for Cycling – the member for Lewes – has made some welcome announcements and investment. There is still much more to do. Will the Prime Minister commit the government to support the Times’ campaign, increase investment in cycling, and take much greater steps to promote cycling across the country?"

David Cameron: "I think the Times’ campaign is an excellent campaign. I strongly support what they’re trying to do. Anyone who’s got on a bicycle – particularly in one of our busier cities – knows that you are taking your life into your hands every time you do so. And so we do need to do more to try and make cycling safer. The government is making it easier for councils to install mirrors at junctions. We’re putting 11 million pounds into training for children, and 15 million pounds for better cycle routes and facilities across the country. I think if we want to encourage the growth in cycling we’ve seen in recent years, we need to get behind campaigns like this."

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