National Women and Cycling Conference –#WACC2016 – to be staged in Hereford on 4th May.

WE Cycle UK co-organises second national Women and Cycling Conference

A new womens’ cycling group has been formed. WE Cycle UK is co-hosting the second national Women and Cycling Conference. It will be staged in Hereford on 4th May. (The WE in WE Cycle UK stands for womens’ equality, and the group has the goal of making cycling 50/50 men and women by 2020.) 

Last year the first Women and Cycling Conference was staged in York and hosted by Landor Links, publisher of Local Transport Today. At that event cycle entrepreneur Isla Rowntree gave one of the event’s talks: this year Rowntree will also be leading a ride.

The conference is being hosted by Herefordshire Council and will "review the barriers to women participating in the cycling industry, in cycle sport and everyday riding."

Danni Lapham, one of the members of WE Cycle UK, said: "The aim of the day is to identify solutions and plan their delivery, so that women will be able work together in the years ahead to reach the goal of equality in cycling by 2020."

She added: "If the Dutch and Danes can do it then so can we!"

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