WBIA calls on worldwide Governments to keep bike repair services open

The World Bicycle Industry Association (WBIA) and its member associations are calling on worldwide Governments to allow bike repair services to continue during the COVID-19 pandemic, provided that all necessary health precautions are respected.

In most countries, including the UK, the continued practice of cycling for necessary trips like is safeguarded because bicycle repair shops can continue their operations even under lockdown rules. However, in some countries bicycle repair shops are not allowed to open, even when they could do so in a way that minimises risks of infection.

“Bicycle repair shops provide a basic service to the population and allow for risk-minimising mobility to continue where it is most necessary,” said Erhard Büchel, CONEBI and WBIA president. “Therefore, I deem they would need to stay open during these difficult times, of course in a way that protects the health both of employees and customers.”

People for Bikes’ president Tim Blumenthal added: “People For Bikes recognises the unprecedented challenge local, state and federal Governments face in managing the spread of COVID-19. Our organisation is working to support the bicycle industry in this difficult time by asking Governments to consider every bike shop as an ‘essential business’ and to allow bicycling, for transportation or recreation, to continue where appropriate.

“These decisions will provide many levels of economic relief to businesses. We are encouraged by the number of news stories we’ve read that address the increasingly significant and positive role bikes are playing in our daily lives. Many people are newly discovering how bikes are a great way to get where you need to go and also a wonderful form of recreation. As this occurs, we are doing everything we can to support all riders as well as bike businesses of all sizes and kinds.”

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