Clever filter-in-a-bottle provides clean drinking water from 'virtually any water source'

Water To Go now targeting the cycle trade

Water to Go is a re-usable bottle that filters unsuitable water and converts it into clean drinking water.

Launched at the start of this year to the broader market, the brand is now looking for a ‘master agent’ in the bike trade to bring it to cycle retailers, with an active sales force in the sector.

The patented filter sits in the neck of the bottle where it filters the contents as they are consumed. Using nano-technology – originally developed for use on NASA space projects – the filter removed 99.9 per cent of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and chemicals such as cholorine, ‘providing clean drinking water from almost any source’.

There’s more on the intriguing product on the official site. Trade enquiries should be directed to Martin Tood by email or phone: 07890 994874. 

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