The European Cyclists Federation is offering 1700 Euros (£1200) to the winner of the Falco Lecture Prize

Wanna share £1200?

The lecture has to be delivered at Velo-city 2001 in Edinburgh/Glasgow.

The theme is ‘how to get more kids on bikes’. If a few readers of this website would like to get their heads together we could collectively come up with a load of ideas for the lecture, collectively do the trade a heap of good by formulating a promotional strategy, and collectively pocket the dosh!


Today’s young people lead much less active lives than ever before, so creating a future generation of unhealthy adults.


Describe the main themes of a promotional strategy, and see how it would help to ensure tomorrow’s adults use the bicycle as a normal part of an everyday and healthy."

Think of some ideas and post them to the bulletin board or email your interest to

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