That's what one British rock musician has just done. Forget the stretch limos, McFly's Harry Judd has bought a bike.

Wanna fly through gridlocked traffic? Get a bike

McFly drummer Harry Judd bought a bike specifically to beat traffic.

Earlier today he tweeted:

"I woke up Sat morning and didn’t want to sit in traffic. So I bought a bike…

The winner of the 2011 series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing doesn’t care what his fellow band members think of his transport choice:

"So I cycled to rehearsals. I got called a w#*k*r twice and a d%*k head but I carried on smiling as I shot past the traffic…"

Judd is on to a good thing. Stretch limos – just like all other four wheel motor vehicles – are going to get increasingly stuck in snarl-ups. A report in Belgian newspaper Le Soir today revealed that travel time in the headquarter city of the European Union will increase by 45 percent within three years, with the average speed for cars dropping to just 9mph.

That’s so slow many cyclists would fall off at that speed.

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