Not known for hiding his light under a bushel, Steve Boehmke of Rock Shox in the States has sent out a hire me email to MTB mags and bike companies all over the world.

Wanna a US-based insider consultant?

With the tempting subject line of Wanna Dominate Your Segment of the Cycling World? Boehmke holds his skills in high regard and would be pleased to hear from any bike companies who could benefit from his long experience in the trade.

He doesnt want to move from Southern California but would be open to remote control consultancy work.

Hes available after Rock Shox completes the partial move to Colorado Springs in July and will work as a consultant to Rock Shox rather than as a


This will open me up to work with companies that could use my expertise and connections within the cycling community, says Boehmke, who lists his career accomplishments as:

Introduction of ’01 RockShox Psylo fork line to the media and marketplace (you’ll be seeing it soon!)

Conception and naming of the RockShox BlackBox racing development program

Re-establishing RockShox’ leadership image from 1999-2000

10 years of hammering Shimano to come out with Disc Brakes, testing and

introducing them to the marketplace in 1999

Naming, testing and introducing Shimano Airlines shifting system to the


Conceiving the color, choosing the look, shape and feel of the current XTR

group from Shimano

Creation of the Shimano Skunk Development project in 1995, to introduce the new XTR group to the marketplace with optimum buzz and product performance

Tripling the success of RockShox’ Racing program from ’93 to ’95 (from 3

medals at the Worlds to 12, from 14 members of the National Team to 43, from 3 riders in the top ten NORBA DH to 9, etc…)

Global introduction of the Judy fork line for RockShox

Naming, testing and introducing the original XTR group

Testing and development of SPD and HyperGlide.

But thats not all…

In addition, I drove Zap to his wedding, delivered Chris Hatounian’s baby,

taught Mark Riedy how to use the Internet, turned Andrew Juskaitis on to the Pet Shop Boys, took Garret Lai on his first road bike ride, shaved Mike

Ferrentino’s head, got Ron Ige hired at BIKE, introduced Maurice to Elaine,

got Hurl into single-speeds, and taught Richard Cunningham how to weld!

haha…just jokin’!!!

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