Former Madison MD Mark Walmsley - who left two years ago to found his own retail and marketing consultancy business - has formalised his consultancy agreement with the ACT

Walmsley walks back into the bike trade

Colin Rees, business advisor to ACT for the last five years, is to concentrate his efforts on CyTech in-store sales training and in a newly created role, in steps Mark Walmsley of Consult 2000.

ACT President, David Wilsher welcomed Walmsley back into the fold and praised the work of Colin Rees:

"Historic criticisms of dealer apathy are giving way to a realisation that IBDs need to invest in their business and most importantly, their people. I appreciate the part that Colin, Madison as sponsors, the DDG and ATG have played in providing quality training services to IBDs at very competitive rates, but this is just the start. ACT have a drawing board full of promotional initiatives to add to our established benefits portfolio, such as credit card rates, and with the help of our members, I believe that we can progress in protecting and even developing the market share of IBDs."

Colin Rees is pleased he’ll be concentrating on IBD training:

"I am very excited about the sometimes amazing, positive reactions the in-store training courses have had. Results include treble sales of socks on Ambleside, considerably more top end bike sales in London and an amazing effect on the Cycle Centre team in Newcastle. With Madison paying half of the first course undertaken by ACT members, I can only see the demand increasing beyond the 46 dealers currently on the waiting list. Now I will personally be able to concentrate more time on increasing uptake all over the UK. Its a great job!"

Mark Walmsley was chipper at being back in the bike trade (he’s kept close tabs on this site in his absence):

"Having spent the last couple of years outside the cycle trade, I can confirm that IBDs have much more going for them than they realise. I was involved in the formulation of the training initiative and its success shows that quality IBDs now realise that they are foremost retailers as opposed to simply ‘bike shops’ and that investment in their businesses is the way to longevity and greater profits. It is now essential that all IBDs support ACT via membership, which in turn will increase the services available and the power of their trade organisation to develop their market position."

ACT Tel: 01892 526 081.

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