According to a report in yesterdays Guardian, the American owner of Asda is to open four standalone Wal-Marts this year. Unlike Asda, US Wal-Marts major on non-grocery items. Wal-Mart is Americas biggest retailer of bicycles (including quality mid-market bikes from Mongoose)

Wal-Mart comes out of the closet

The worlds biggest retailer is to open its first British supermarket in July and two more will be operational before Christmas, reports The Guardian.

As BikeBiz predicted in issue 1, Wal-Mart is to rebrand Asda as Wal-Mart and is starting with the Asda at Patchway in Bristol.

Wal-Marts gargantuan buying power means it can out discount any other retailer.

Asda was gobbled up in a £6.6bn deal last July. Its 70:30 mix of food to non-food items will gradually be changed to the US model of 30:70 and as in the US bikes will start to be sold by Asda/Wal-Mart, although which brands may be stocked is still an unknown.

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