Wahoo SUF launches two new Transition training plans

The Wahoo SUF Training App is launching two new Transition training plans.

“Whether you’re coming off a gruelling outdoor season or ready to get back on the bike after a long hiatus, the Transition plans will help ensure that you’re prepared—both physically and mentally—for a successful indoor season,” said coach Neal Henderson, head of the Wahoo Sports Science Team.

“SUF is unique among training platforms in that we offer plans that combine structured cycling workouts with yoga, strength training, mental training, and mobility sessions in a single app to help endurance athletes unlock their potential.”

The six-week Transition training plans integrate yoga sessions designed specifically to improve on-bike performance, full-body strength and mobility sessions, and targeted cycling workouts to help athletes recover, reset, refocus and recharge in preparation for the next phase of their training.

Recognising that many athletes had a non-conventional season with many races cancelled due to COVID-19, the Wahoo sports scientists designed two versions of the Transition plans for cycling and triathlon: Transition Up and Transition Down.

Transition Up is for athletes coming off a period of little or no activity who are ready to get back into structured indoor training. On-bike sessions progress from lower intensity in the early part of the plan to higher intensity later, with a significant focus on pedalling efficiency and neuromuscular development. Off-bike sessions follow a progression from gentle mobility and stability sessions into functional strength work designed to improve body mechanics, pedalling efficiency, and help athletes stay comfortable on longer rides.

Transition Down is designed for athletes transitioning from a high-volume, high-intensity training block, or those coming off of a demanding season of riding or racing. Cycling sessions progress from lower intensity to more focused pedalling drills and neuromuscular sessions, while maintaining a relatively low volume. The plan also includes targeted stability, mobility, and strength exercises to help athletes address aspects of their overall fitness that may have been neglected during the outdoor season.

Both versions of the Transition plans end with the SUF comprehensive 4DP fitness test, which determines an athlete’s full power profile and allows workout targets in the SUF app to be personalised to an individual’s unique fitness level.

Athletes looking for training advice and community are invited to start one of the Transition plans on 1st November and join the discussion on the SUForum.

Find out more information at http://thesuf.com/transition.

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