Wahoo revamps Tickr and Tickr X heart rate monitors

Wahoo has updated both the Tickr and Tickr X heart rate monitors.

A new, slimmer shape and integrated strap design make the latest Tickr and Tickr X the “lightest heart rate monitors available” at only 48g (pod and strap together). Both the Tickr and Tickr X can now simultaneously pair up to three Bluetooth devices, in addition to ANT+ connections.

The LEDs are now at the top of the pod body, so users can check to make sure their devices are connected and recording data. By increasing the battery life by nearly 50%, both the Tickr and Tickr X now allow up to 500 hours of use on a single battery.

“We’ve revamped the Tickr and Tickr X to give users class-leading functionality in a design that’s effortless to use and very comfortable to wear,” said Wahoo product manager Katie DuPree. “Tickr and TickrR X redefine what you expect from a heart rate monitor by offering unmatched power, comfort, and convenience whether you’re on a quick lunch ride or running a marathon.”

The updated Tickr X offers the ability to transmit indoor cycling cadence to the Wahoo Fitness app. Tickr X can now also transmit enhanced running dynamics to compatible smartwatches via ANT+, giving runners real-time access to their cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time. Tickr X also offers runners a proprietary Running Smoothness score through the Wahoo Fitness app, helping to improve their efficiency and form. Tickr X can also store up to 50 hours of workout data, which will sync to your smartphone via the Wahoo Fitness app.

The Tickr will now be offered in a new Stealth colorway, complementing Wahoo’s white and blue colour scheme. The new Tickr Stealth variant will also be available as a part of Elemnt Roam and Elemnt Bolt Stealth Edition Bundles.

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