VOI unveils brand new e-bikes and reveals expansion plans

VOI Technology has announced its roll-out programme across the continent, targeting 150 cities and towns, and has unveiled a new range of improved e-scooters and e-bikes.

It is introducing a fully electric bike and VOI Cargo, a three-wheel electric cargo bike for the first time. The full range of electric vehicles gives VOI the ability to offer city authorities a complete solution for micro-mobility sharing that can integrate easily with public transport and pedestrians in urban areas.

The VOI Bike is an e-bike that has been adapted for sharing. In accordance with European e-bike regulations, it can travel at 25km/h fully assisted, offering a product that is suitable for longer and faster rides than e-scooters. The VOI e-bike also features swappable batteries.

The VOI Cargo caters specifically to riders who have to carry bulky loads. The bike has a large box on the front which features three-point seatbelts and is suitable for shopping trips, school runs, day trips or other family adventures, the company has said. The VOI cargo bike will also be used as part of VOI’s scooter charging operations.

VOI e-scooters are currently available in 18 cities in nine European countries, and expansion into Germany, Belgium, Poland and Italy this summer will maintain a rate of growth which has seen it achieve two million rides in eight months.

Launched in Sweden last August, VOI’s ‘big summer push’ will focus initially on Germany, where its operations will launch for the first time as soon as next month. VOI’s plans for Germany will see a roll-out across key cities and several partnership agreements have already been struck, which will provide the template for the company to scale its operations across Europe. The German Government is set to give the green light to e-scooters to use roads this month.

VOI’s updated fleet also includes the Voiager 2, an e-scooter designed for “maximum comfort, speed and efficiency on Europe’s city streets”, while the Voiager 1 is a “special rugged” version created exclusively to comply with German vehicle regulations. This summer will see both models introduced to VOI users in Germany, Belgium, France, Finland and Spain.

VOI’s latest e-scooter designs and its first-ever e-bike have been created as part of the company’s wider mission to become a one-stop shop for cities looking to provide low-carbon transport solutions.

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