Vittoria launches B2B bicycle tyre subscription service

Vittoria is launching Vittoria2GO, a B2B bicycle tyre subscription service.

Vittoria2GO is specifically designed for bicycle leasing and rental companies, reducing uncertainty in operating costs while delivering on their client’s expectations, said Vittoria.

Through the Vittoria2GO subscription model, companies can offer a premium product on their bicycles and participate in a sustainable ecosystem, control their costs by outsourcing the operational risk and manage subscription and claims from a centralised portal.

The Vittoria2GO subscription includes the following optional services:

• Tyre supply – Vittoria provides tyres without charging the bicycle leasing and rental companies upfront but charging a monthly fee

• Tyre replacement – in case of puncture or replacement need, Vittoria supplies a new tyre, free of charge

• Tyre maintenance service – in case of puncture or replacement need, Vittoria refunds the related maintenance cost

• Tyre vandalism and theft insurance – in case of bicycle theft or vandalism to the tyre, Vittoria offers a new tyre free of charge or refunds the costs

• Tyre recycling – Vittoria takes back the used tyres at the end of their useful life, committing to responsible disposal and recycling

Vittoria has partnered with Swapfiets as its first customer for the Vittoria2GO service. As part of the tyre subscription, Swapfiets bicycles will mount specially upgraded Vittoria Adventure Tech tyres, made with graphene-enhanced compounds.

“Swapfiets’ success proves that a ‘pay for use’ subscription model is attractive to customers and means better quality products that last,” said Marc de Vries, Swapfiets CEO.

“We hope this revolutionary idea will create a ripple effect, influencing the cycling industry and helping us on our journey to create 100% circular bikes by 2025.”

Stijn Vriends, Vittoria Group president and CEO, said: “Subscription and circularity are new concepts to the bicycle tyre industry. We are thus very pleased that with our Vittoria2GO service, we can make a start in a more sustainable use of our products.”

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