Verve issues InfoCrank firmware update

In preparation for the release of the Verve InfoCrank Nerve Centre app, Verve Cycling is issuing a firmware upgrade that will be available for all InfoCranks.

It will be installed automatically on all new cranks manufactured from June 2017. All other cranks may be upgraded directly from and, or through the VINC app when it is released for Android tablets and phones. The IOS and desktop versions will follow in due course.

Key Innovations in the new release include Torque Streaming ability; the continuous output of sensor torque data which allows detailed examination of the rider’s technique and operation without magnets changed to default mode. Now it is possible to decide which mode the cyclist or coach wants to operate in and conserve battery power at the same time. All modes such as streaming, magnets, waveform can now be simply switched on and off from VINC.

The update also fixes the manual zero error for cranks with a near perfectly balanced bridge. Such cranks would not return zero after a manual calibration, changes to minimize the right sensor missing message from certain head units and fixed one legged pedaling when operating without magnets.

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