Verve Cycling expands distribution in the UK

Verve has appointed Jam Cycling as a specialist InfoCrank distributor in the UK.

Jam Cycling, formed by ex-Verve Cycling UK manager George Galbraith, will focus on distribution to local bike shops, clubs and groups in the UK while Moore Large, current distributor of the InfoCrank in the market, will keep on distributing Verve’s products through its network of shops and stores.

President of Verve Cycling Bryan Taylor said: “Verve differentiates it’s support for the local bike shop by ensuring that it’s representatives understand why a true and precise power meter use always leads to significant improvement in the riders’ performance and enjoyment on the bike. I am very confident that Jam Cycling will help the bike shops understand why the InfoCrank is well worth the investment by their customers.”

Founder of Jam Cycling George Galbraith added: “The InfoCrank is a game changer for true and precise power measurement and after years of working with the Verve Team, now is the time to focus entirely on bringing this product to the UK market. It is attested to and endorsed by the Great Britain Cycling Team and now is the time for the amateur cyclist to benefit from the technology.”

Jam Cycling and its customers will have the full support of their local Verve Cycling entities. Verve Cycling UK Limited will support the UK market and Verve Cycling Europe will focus on continental Europe.

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