Verve Cycling completes dev work on British Cycling’s track crank

Verve Cycling of the USA has completed the development of a bespoke power-measuring track crank for the Great Britain Cycling Team.

The crank has been designed to make accurate data acquisition a seamless process and will allow the team to get the most of out of its training sessions.

British Cycling’s commercial manager, Dave Parsons, said:

“We’ve been really impressed by Verve Cycling’s approach to developing the track crank. They have a highly skilled technical team and have been genuinely prepared to collaborate to create the best solution for our riders. We’ve been really pleased with the performance of the road products so far and the new track crank will help the Great Britain Cycling Team to get the most out of its training sessions.”

Verve Cycling’s president, Bryan Taylor, said:

“Working with the Great Britain Cycling Team has been a great experience and designing an InfoCrank to fit their requirements has been a rewarding and engaging process. Of course, no project is ever truly complete so we constantly develop products as technology and the needs of the users evolve. The solution we’ve created will streamline data acquisition for the team, enabling coaches and support staff to offer a much more efficient approach to interpreting the effectiveness of riders’ training sessions.”

The next project that Verve Cycling will focus on as part of its five year collaboration with British Cycling – which runs until 2020 – is the development of MTB and BMX InfoCrank systems.

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