'It’s important that cyclists get the cover they need at a price that suits them'

Velosure unveils new website and pricing structure

Velosure has just launched a new look website, combining the firm’s insurance and legal services.

The firm has also changed the way it looks at risks posed by customers with multiple cycles, and has changed its pricing structure to match.

Phil Ellis, business development manager at Velosure, told BikeBiz: “It’s important that cyclists get the cover they need at a price that suits them. As a cyclist myself, I spoke to a number of our customers and asked them how we could improve. Almost all of our policy holders who had more than one bike felt it unfair that they paid so much for cover when they only ever rode one bike at a time.”

In response to feedback, Velosure decided to look at the maximum value of bikes at home and the maximum value away from home, and this has seen a significant reduction in premiums.

The firm explained: "Just because we might have £10,000 worth of bikes, it doesn’t mean they’re all being ridden at the same time". Velosure has now decided to concentrate on the maximum value of a bicycle away from home at any one time, and rate their premiums accordingly. Velosure has compiled a handy comparison chart on their own website to show exactly what’s available, and at what price.

Velosure has also been keen to let e-bike customers know that they are at the forefront of their redesign too, launching a new, bespoke e-bike insurance policy.

Will Osbaldiston, the underwriter at Velosure, told BikeBiz: “E-bikes are here to stay, and it is important that their needs are met. Market research has shown us that our e-bike customers don’t intend to go out on a sportive, or an audax, so they’re not really interested in sports cover. They’re worried about the very thing that makes their bike and e-bike in the first place…the battery. We’ve decided to cover the battery for accidental damage and theft, even if the bike itself is left unharmed. Hopefully, this will give e-bike users the confidence to get out there and ride.”

To see the new site head on over to www.velosure.co.uk

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