Patent pending bracket means basket can handle a 15kg/33lb load

Velorbis releases ‘world’s strongest bike basket’

Velorbis has released what it claims to be the world’s strongest basket, made possible by the firm’s patent pending ‘FrameFix mounting bracket.

The FrameFix bracket means a load capacity of up to 15kgs (33lbs) can be safely transported in the basket.

Velorbis undertook the design mission after studying stylish female Copenhagen cyclists and their needs. The ability to safely carry a couple of shopping bags and a handbag featured highly for the demographic.

Velorbis said that it found that no other basket on the market met that need because they are too small and – more importantly – baskets are usually fitted to the handlebars of the bike, affecting steering capabilities and balance, according to Velorbis.

Taking inspiration from the front carriers on Velorbis’ gents range, the FrameFix bracket invention attaches to the head tube instead of the handlebars, so the basket remains in a fixed position while manoeuvering through traffic.

Velorbis said: "It is the unique design functionality of the Velorbis FrameFix mounting mechanism that provides the inner core strength that enables all bicycle baskets to maximise their load capacity without compromising steering ability and balance."

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