Velocomp launches new Kickstarter

Velocomp has launched a new product called AeroPod on Kickstarter.

AeroPod measures cycling power and, when used with a direct force power meter, also measures coefficient of drag times frontal surface area – the key metric of aerodynamic “sleekness.”

AeroPod enables cyclists to see their aerodynamic performance in real time, riding on normal routes. The device also includes Time Advantage, a metric related to CdA showing cyclists the positive/negative time impact of changed riding position.

AeroPod has a new design and new pitot tube wind port, improving cross-wind performance, and weighs in at 40 grams per unit. The device mounts under the handlebars, and works with any GoPro metal-machined mount, making it possible for the cyclist to customize AeroPod location and to move it quickly and easily between bikes.

AeroPod transmits its power, CdA, wind speed, hill slope, and Time Advantage data to compatible ANT+ or BLE devices.

CEO of Velocomp John Hamann said: “AeroPod uses new, next-generation digital sensors and new proprietary Sensor Fusion signal processing algorithms. It lets cyclists quantify differences between ride positions and gear on normal roads, giving them a new competitive edge, without buying expensive time in a wind tunnel or velodrome.

“With a successful Kickstarter campaign, we will be able to get AeroPod into backers’ hands during the 2018 cycling season.”

The AeroPod kit will ship with the sensor, mount, PowerStroke pedal analysis, Isaac ride analysis software, Connect IQ app, PowerHouse app, and USB cable included. A direct force power meter, not included, is required for CdA measurement. 

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