VeloBrands adds Jack the Bike Rack to its portfolio

VeloBrands has announced the latest addition to its product portfolio: the Jack the Bike Rack universal fit front bicycle rack that offers tool free fitting in under one minute.

Designed to provide cyclists with an uncomplicated solution for carrying belongings while riding, Jack the Bike Rack offers versatility and ease of use.

According to the distributor, Jack the Bike Rack sets itself apart as a ‘Rack of all Trades,’ addressing the need for a straightforward and adaptable solution to transporting items while cycling.

The rack boasts a universal fit, attaching securely to nearly any bicycle. This eliminates the need for a special bicycle frame, fork or specialised equipment.

Crafted from premium-grade 304 stainless steel, Jack the Bike Rack provides reliability and durability. It comes with an official weight rating of 5KG, making it ideal for carrying a wide array of items.

One of the standout features of Jack is its innovative tool-free strap system.

Cyclists can attach the rack to their bikes without using tools or intricate installation processes.

Alex Wiseman, sales manager at VeloBrands, said: “We’re incredibly excited to introduce Jack the bike rack into shops.

“The versatility, simplicity, and performance that Jack offers make it a game-changer in the world of bike racks.”

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Jack the Bike Rack cantilevers over the front wheel and hooks onto the bike’s handlebars using two climbing strength woven straps.

This means that not a single bike tool is needed to attach or detach the product and it takes less than a minute to move from bike to bike.

Any retailers interested in learning more about Jack the Bike Rack, pricing and availability should contact their VeloBrands account manager or visit the distributor’s website.

To open a VeloBrands account, businesses can email

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