Peter Eland, the editor of Open Roads Bike Culture, is to launch a new magazine to take Bike Cultures place.

Velo Vision rises from ashes of Open Road failure

The Open Road creditors meeting takes place on Friday. Now that Open Road is no longer in operation, former employee Peter Eland wants to create his own magazine.

Velo Vision will aim at the same audience but will accept ads, unlike Bike Culture.

Open Road produced some great publications which inspired and brought together a worldwide community of like-minded cyclists. It’s sad it’s ended as it has, said Eland.

I believe that the publications, and Bike Culture in particular, were greatly valued by readers across the world: that was much of my motivation as editor.

There’s a need and a market for a magazine to fill the gap. So I’ve decided to start my own magazine. I didn’t want to launch against Bike Culture, so have waited until the demise of Open Road was ‘official’.

Velo Vision, slated for a March 2001 launch, will be published quarterly with Eland working full-time on the project.

First, second and third priority will be to ensure regular, punctual

publication. The first issue will be mailed, give or take a few days,

on Monday, March 5 2001.

The magazine will be subscription only and will take limited advertising.

Display adverts only, at least at first, and concentrated in a section at the back of the mag, says Eland.

In this way I hope to preserve the ‘ads-free’ feel of most of the

magazine, while providing a platform for specialist suppliers, whose

adverts will, I hope, be a positive benefit to readers. Ad rates are

yet to be decided but will be very reasonable.

Eland is also producing an accompanying website which will go live on 17th


This will be, to my knowledge, the only public source of

daily news for the non-racing, non-MTB-oriented cycle culture

community – it’ll cover everything I find interesting, drawing together

all of the news from events, mailing lists, manufacturers,

organisations and publications from round the world.

Velo Vision

Environmental Community Centre

St Nicholas Fields

Bull Lane


YO10 3EN

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