Velo-City, the cycle advocacy conference, takes place every two years. In 2005, it's to be held in Dublin, May 31st-3rd June. The most prominent speaker is Jacques Barrot, the recently appointed EU Commissioner for Transport. Fittingly, he's a cyclist.

Velo-City 2005: the draft programme

There are talks from industry execs such as Shimano’s Hans van Vliet, Ideal’s Eddie Eccleston and the Bicycle Association’s Phillip Darnton.

Paul Bullett of Halfords will also be giving a talk: ‘Tax Efficient Bikes4work – an experience.’ There’s no corresponding POV from Booost or the Association of Cycle Traders.

Lots of background info on Velo-City Dublin can be found here:

Here’s the draft programme, subject to change.

Velo-City Programme

Tuesday 31/05/2005


The opening plenary will set out the key questions and issues that Velo-city Dublin will address during the week:

The importance of Velo-city and its legacy in other cities will be set out.

The principle address will be by Senor Enrique Penelosa, who will speak on the experiences and objectives in delivering a vision in Bogota, where he was mayor; his views around the bicycle’s role within urban life; and the transferability of his success will be discussed.

There will be responses and expanded views from the other speakers, as they relate to a common European platform, and in the context of the Complete Streets approach.

Ivor Callelly TD

Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Ireland

Enrique Penelosa

Author, Economist and Administrator

(Former Mayor of Bogota), Colombia

Mary Crass

European Conference of Ministers of

Transport (ECMT)

Erl Wilkie

Cycling Scotland

Andy Clarke

League of American Bicyclists


European Cyclists Federation

Tu1.A Presentation

Busses and Cycling

Mr James Tinnion-Morgan The experience with shared bus/cycle lanes in


Mr Joe Seymour Providing cycle facilities as part of a bus priority

project in Dublin – Solving the conflict??

Mr David Holladay Bus Drivers & Cyclists – Encouraging Co-operation

not Conflict

Tu1.B Presentation

Promoting Cycling through Education

Mr James W. Riach Schools, Skills & a Cyclist Progression Pathway

Mr Jurgen Craeye Cycling all the way from pre schooler to university


Tu1.C Presentation

Safer Routes to School – 1

Ms Becky Upfold Mayors Cycling Initiative for Children and Young

People – Cycle Parking

Mr Stephen Hewitt Safer cycling routes to Northern Ireland schools


Tu1.D Debate

Should cyclists be able to cycle anywhere in the city?

Mr Andre Pettinga Learning from the Dutch Laboratory.This paper

will provide inside arguments, as to why the

Netherlands is NOT a "Bicycle Paradise"

Mr David Maher Changes in the quality of the cycling environment

in Dublin 1994-2004 – The cyclists’ perspective

Dr Dave Horton No Place Like Home? Modal Conflict on Old and

New Cycling Infrastructures

Tu1.E Presentation

Accessibility and Quality of Life Through Cycling –

New York & Brescia

Dr Chiara Bresciani A Community Action Plan for cycling in Brescia

Mr Hayes Lord Quality of Life Improvements in New York City

Through Cycling

Dr Barbara Badiani Cycling in Brescia, second step. The effect of the

last two years’ policies

Tu1.F Workshop

ICT and Cycling

Dr Dirk Serwill A State-wide bicycle route planner for the internet

Mr Johan Diepens ICT and cycling

Tu1.G Presentation

Coordinating Cycling Initiatives

Mr Fred Offen Coordinating cycling initiatives across diverse

policy areas

Mr Erl Buckley Wilkie Cycling Scotland: An organisation bringing 21st

Century ideas to the development of cycling

Tu2.A Debate

Can you sell cycling with too broad an agenda?

Ms Miriam Van Bree How improvement of other vehicles can improve

safety of cyclists

Mr Bernard Dehaye Maximizing common interests between car lobbies

and cyclists

Dr Peter Cox Conflicting Agendas In Selling Cycling

Dr Mayer Hillman Carbon rationing to limit climate change: The

most effective way of promoting cycling

Tu2.B Presentation

Cycle Planning and Design Guidelines

Mr Shane Foran The Irish cycle facilities design and design guidance

saga: A case study of the effect of choosing to

ignore the real world?

Mr Tim Hughes New Zealand’s Cycle Network/Route Planning


Mr Tom Bertulis Revamping the United Kingdom Cycle Design


Tu2.C Presentation

Results of the UK cycle policy developments

Mr Roger Geffen Recent policy developments in Britain: a cyclist’s



Mr Tony Russell Development of Regional Action Learning for

Cycling Professionals

Tu2.D Presentation

Light rail and Cycling

Mr Frank Allen Light rail and cycling in Dublin

Mr Hugh McClintock The integration of cycling and light rail: What

NET Line One in Nottingham has and has not

Tu2.E Presentation

Determining (Health) Benefits of Cycling

Dr Nick Cavill Valuing the health benefits of cycling: A best buy

for health

Mr Sven Hunhammar Cost benefit analysis of cycling

Tu2.F Workshop

Selling Cycling

Mr Mangor Eikeland Selling Cycling

Tu2.G Presentation

Comparing and rewarding cities

Mr Ken Spence Raising the Bicycle Bell Curve: The Benefits of

Assessing Local Authority Delivery of Cycling


Mr. Henrik Lumholdt Odense – The National Cycle City of Denmark

Tu2.H Workshop

Target setting using a model of variation in cycle use for England and Wales

Mr John Parkin Target setting using a model of variation in cycle

use for England and Wales

Tu2.I Presentation

Commuting by Bicycle in the Urban Environment

Dr Kathrine Str¿mmen Big potential for increased cycling at journey to


Mr Aonghus McNabola Relative dose/Exposure to air pollution,

commuting in the urban environment, between

modes of transport



PLENARY SESSION – Cycling in the Wider Context

The key issue here is the consideration of cycling outside the pure transport remit of getting from “A” to “B”. The principal address will be by Mr John Treacy, who as an Olympian medallist, as Chairman of the Sports Council of Ireland and as Chair of the National Task force on Obesity, is superbly placed to consider the role of cycling within broader national objectives.

The theme will also be addressed by the other panellists in presentations from their own perspectives, followed by a discussion.

This multi-facetted interest in cycling is common to most countries – the key issue for the speakers is how to harness this common interest…..

John Treacy

Olympic Medallist, Chief Executive Irish

Sports Council, (Chair of National Task Force

on Obesity), Ireland

Francesca Racioppi

World Health Organisation,

Transport Programme (European Centre for

Environment and Health)

Malcolm McKibbin

Chief Executive Roads Service Department for

Regional Development , Northern Ireland

John Grimshaw

Chief Executive, Sustrans UK

Brigitte Ollier

Director of EuroTeam, UITP

(International Public Transport Organisation)


The Dublin Session

Dublin has developed and taken forward an Integrated Transportation Strategy for the region, within which the bicycle role has been identified and embedded. This session will discuss aspects of the Dublin experience. The speakers are all members of the Dublin Transportation Office Steering Committee, and will address cycling from the perspective of their own agency’s implementation and experience of cycling. Critical to this session is the lessons to be learnt for cities choosing to go the route Dublin has chosen…..

Frank Allen

Chief Executive, Rail Procurement Agency,

John Henry

Director/CEO, Dublin Transportation Office,


Al McHugh

Assistant Commissioner, An Garda Siochana,

(Irish Police Service), Ireland

Owen Keegan

Director of Traffic, Dublin City Council

Pat Mangan

Chair, ECMT Sustainable Urban Transport

Steering Group, (Assistant Secrey,

tarDepartment of Transport Ireland)


W0.A Debate

Could setting high standards for the bicycle actually impede entry to cycling?

Dr Pietro Boselli The European bicycle safety standard and the EU

integration process (part 2)

Mr Kieran Byrne Bicycle Standards and the Road to Hell

Mr Michael Addiscott Moving with the times – progressing bicycle

manufacturing standards without losing market

W1.A Presentation

Generating Political and Public Support for Cycling

Mr Damien î Tuama Ireland’s smoking ban and plastic bag tax: Lessons

for cycling promoters from two successful policy


W1.B Presentation

Integration of Cycling and Public Transport

Ms Lisa Robinson-Falv A Multi-Modal Marriage – Bikes and Buses

Dr Irvine Lavery Delivering the Integration of Cycling with Public

Transport – the Northern Ireland Experience

Mr Michael Groll Bike and Rail: realising the potential

W1.C Presentation

Public Health Strategy and Cycling

Dr Alison Hill Health as a policy lever: the experiences of the

National Cycling Strategy Board in England.

Mr Nick Cavill Improving public health in England through

cycling: Delivering the vision

W1.D Debate

Are we taking the opportunities for the social marketing of cycling?

Mr Roelof Wittink Opportunities for the social marketing of cycling

W1.E Presentation

Lobbying for Change

Mr Ander Irazusta The ‘Observatorio de la Bicicleta’ of Donostia-San

Sebasti‡n. An instrument of participation to

stimulate the politics of promotion of this means

of transport in San Sebasti‡n.

Mr Igor Namilov Cities – "No velo"

Ms StŽphanie D’Haenens When lobbying becomes too successful

W1.F Workshop

Working together on common problems

Ms Marjolein De Lange Working together on common problems Mr Derek Peppard

W1.G Presentation

Child and Cycle-friendly Public Space

Mr Juan Torres Michel Children in action: Designing cities as

cycling-friendly environments

Mr Eddie Kips Gradually grow to cycle: experiences with a

child-friendly public space


W1.H Presentation

Cycle Planning in Agglomerations

Mr John Dinunzio Policy and promotion of the London cycle

Mr Hep Monatzeder Cycling in and around MunichDevelopment –

Quality of Living – Cooperation

W1.I Presentation

Urban cyclists: Who are they and how to get more of them?

Mr Jens Troelsen The Identity of Urban Cyclists – Aspects of

Health, Environment and Physical Activity.

Mr Tim Ryley Factors that make cycling a real choice: Findings

from an Edinburgh survey

W1.Poster Poster

Cyclefriends; sharing cycling as a lifestyle

Mrs Angela Van Der Kloof Cyclefriends; sharing cycling as a lifestyle

Cycling Mobility: Give this choice impact!

Pro Hans Van Vliet Cycling Mobility: Give this choice impact!

The Perth Bicycle Network

Mr Ken Suttie Thinking outside the ‘space’ – Delivery of the

Perth Bicycle Network a success storey in

promoting and fostering all types and levels of

cycling within the Western Australian Community

W2.A Presentation

Cycling and Health

Dr David Ogilvie Promoting a modal shift from using cars towards

walking and cycling: where’s the evidence?

Ms Francesca Racioppi The European Health Enhancing Physical Activity

(HEPA) network: where health meets with

transport and urban planning to deliver the full

potential of cycling.

W2.B Presentation / Discussion

Bicycle Industry Session

This session will consider, through presentation and discussion, the most effective and necessary steps that the Bicycle Industry should take, to push forward and develop cycling participation nationally and internationally

Mr Hans Van Vliet Shimano

Mr Mel Sutcliffe Raleigh Ireland

Mr Eddie Eccleston Bicycle Association

Mr Tim Blumenthal Bikes Belong Coalition USA

W2.C Presentation

Children and Cycling

Mr Ken Spence Developing a National Standard for Child Cyclist


Mr Thomas Krag Increased Cycling will improve environment and


W2.D Presentation

The Brazilian Cycling Mobility Programme & Canal Towpath Improvements in Nottingham

Mr Renato Boareto Brazilian cycling mobility programme

Mr Steve Brewer Canal Towpath Improvements (7km Cycle Route)

Nottingham – A Project Achieved through



W2.E Presentation

How to measure bicycle friendliness?

Mr Horst Hahn-Klšckner ADFC Bicycle Climate Test 2003

Dr Lorenzo Giorgio New methodologies in bicycle mobility planning

W2.G Presentation

Towards a more cycling city

Dr Marco Contadini Towards a more cycling city

Mr J Drew Cycling Moves in Belfast

W2.H Presentation

Sharing Road Space & Contraflow Cycling

Mr Marc Jolicoeur Accessibility by Bicycle to Downtown Montreal –

Getting There

Mr Ulric Schollaert 1,000 small steps for cyclists – One big

"contraflow" step for Brussels

Ms Eithne Gibbons Sharing Road Space in Dublin

W2.I Presentation

Promotion Campaigns

Mr Edmondo Strada Cycling Lombardia 2004

Mr Christos Tegos An Integrated Public Awarness Campaign for


W2.Poster Poster

A London borough crisp study

Mr Alan Logan A London borough crisp study

Building peace and prosperity through cycle


Mr Howard Neil Boyd Building peace and prosperity through cycle

New Cycle Parking facilities in Munich

Mr Michael Lonhard New Cycle Parking facilities in Munich

05 May 2005


Thursday 02/06/2005

PLENARY SESSION: Successful Cities

In addition to inspiring us with successful initiatives and strategies, the key concept in this session will be transferability. The cities being presented are not unique, nor are they necessarily an ideal in terms of overall land-use planning.

The speakers will also give some sense of what they themselves consider “success”, and consider objective universal measures of success, as well as consider what are pre-requisites to developing a successful cycle city….

Denis Baupin

Mayor Adjoint for Transport, Paris, France

Hep Monatzeder

Deputy Mayor, Munich, Germany

Pascal Smet

Brussels Region Transport Minister

Dennis Leach

Director of Transportation

Arlington, Virginia

Ian Ker

Director Integrated Policy,

Office of the Director General Transport,

Perth, Western Australia

Philip Darnton

Chair, National Cycling Strategy Board, UK

Isabelle Dussutour

Executive Director, POLIS

Pascal van den Noort

Executive Director, Velo Mondial

TH1.A Presentation

Providing Bicycle Services

Mr Bill Burton Arcata Library Bikes: California’s Largest Bicycle


Mr Nicolas Mercat The economic, social and environmental impact of

cycle centres in France

Mr Romain Bertrand Case Study – the Homeport Smartbike Rental System.

A fully integrated transport solution

TH1.B Presentation

Major green cycle routes

Mr Michael Collins The S2S Project

Mr Richard Martinez An innovative vision of cycling: the Green

Ringroad exerience in Barcelona

TH1.C Presentatio

n Cycle Training

Dr Johanna Cleary RideWise: the development and implementation of

an adult cycle training programme in Greater

Nottingham (UK)

Mr David Dansky A Survey On The Effectiveness Of Cycle Training

Dr Chris Rissel Encouraging cycling through a cycling proficiency

training program among adults in central Sydney


TH1.D Presentation

Urban Bicycle Policies – Lessons and Challenges

Mr Oliver Gajda Lessons learned, challenges ahead – San Francisco’s

2nd bicycle plan

Mr Marcin Hyla Gdansk: the wind of change

TH1.E Presentation

Cycling to work, school, retail and for leisure

Dr Fabio Arevalo Non-motorized Transport and a Healthy City: An

Experience from Pasto, Colombia

Ms Catarina Freitas Linking the two banks of the Tagus river by

intergrating the bicycle into a multimodal

transport system

TH1.F Workshop

Comparing cities: benchmarking and evaluation

Mr Pascal Van Den Noort Velo.Info & Bicycle Friendly Communities

Ms Mari PŠŠtalo BYPAD- Local bicycling policy: FINLAND case

TH1.G Presentation

Women and Cycling in Australia & Cycle Network

Development in Rural Sweden

Mr Michael Koucky Process dynamics in development of cyclepath

network: Reasons for success of cyclepath network

in Ulriceham, Sweden

Dr Jan Garrard Healthy revolutions: Promoting cycling for women

TH1.H Workshop

Advanced Stop Lines

Mr John Lee Advanced Stop Lines Background and Research


Mr David Allen Behaviour at Cycle Advanced Stop Lines

TH1.I Presentation

Interaction with vehicular traffic at junctions

Dr Michael Meschik Cycling and Roundabouts

Mr Muhammad Ishaque Signal Coordination for Bicycle Traffic: A

Network Optimization Study Using


Th1.Poster Poster

Bicycle workshops in Rome, a new experience of

grassroots organizations

Ms Maria Teresa Marchetti Bicycle workshops in Rome, a new experience of

grassroots organizations

Development of equipment for securing bikes on

public transport in the UK

Mr S. Jacobs Development of equipment for securing bikes on

public transport in the UK

Homebikepark – a key to increased cycle use

Mr Trevor Parsons Homebikepark – a key to increased cycle use


TH2.A Presentation

National Cycle Strategies

Mr Jaroslav Martinek National cycling strategy in the Czech Republic –


Ms Mary Crass National Cycling Policies for sustainable urban


TH2.B Presentation

National research and planning for cycling in cities

Mr Ian Maylin Cycling in Northern Ireland – how are we doing and

how do we get to where we want?

Pro Thanos Vlastos The research for cycling in Greece

TH2.C Presentation

Strategic Planning for Cycle Networks

Mr Adam Bows Strategic Planning for Cycle Networks

Mr Neil Guthrie Assessing the potential demand for cycling: a

skilful allocation of resources in the Somerset

market towns.

TH2.D Debate

People say they are in favour of cycling, but are they?

Mr Andrew Murray Wheeldon The Role and Importance of Partnerships in the

development of a successful bicycling city

bike? tomorrow!

Ms Julie Galbraith A Survey of Attitudes of Cyclist and non-Cyclists

in Dublin and Implications for Policy

Dr Paul Simpson Crankshafted! Attitudes Affecting Cycling and

Health: The U.S. Experience

TH2.E Presentation

The bicycle city – cities for people

Mrs Claudia Carrizosa City model and alternative transport. How the use

of alternative transport builds a new city model.

Ms Vibeke Forsting Promoting Copenhagen Cycling Policy

TH2.F Workshop

Sharing the Road – mainstreamed and sustainable?

Mr Chris Adams Sharing the Road – mainstreamed and sustainable?

TH2.G Presentation

Regional Cycle Policies

Mr David Hampton Meeting the Needs of a Growing Region

Mr Uwe Petry Establishing Cycling Networks in Agglomerations

TH2.I Presentation

National Cycling Networks

Mr Steven Patterson The National Cycle Network of Northern Ireland

Ms Polona Andrej?i? Muši? National cycling network development strategy in

the Republic of Slovenia


Th2.Poster Poster

Linking Cities with a bicycle-friendly route: the

East Coast Greenway Experience

Ms Karen Votava Linking Cities with a bicycle-friendly route: the

East Coast Greenway Experience

Safe routes to schools located on state highways

in Santa Catarina – Brazil

Mrs Giselle Xavier Safe routes to schools located in state highways –

UDESC, FUNCITEC and State of Santa Catarina

Government programme, from Brazil.

The Cyclist’s certificate : a lever for raising bike

use and reinforcing citizenship

Mr Damien Dupriez The Cyclist’s certificate : a lever for raising bike

use and reinforcing citizenship

‘Websurfing in Realspace on a Free City Bike of

the future’

Mr Dan J Kahn ‘Websurfing in Realspace on a Free City Bike of

the future’

TH3.A Presentation

What is good infrastructure for cycling?

Mr Alex Sully Invisible Infrastructure, Advantage and

Accessibility: What’s good for everyone is good for


Mr Rod King A cycle trip from Warrington, UK to Hilden,

Germany to compare cycle facilities

TH3.B Presentation

Regional Cycling

Mr Michael Jackson Delivering the Vision Thru Maryland’s 20-Year

Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Master Plan

Mr Ralf Kaulen 25 years of bicycle traffic promotion in North

Mr Peter London Rhine-Westphalia – a success story!

Mr Tim Asperges The region of Flanders: A new cycling laboratory

in Europe

TH3.C Presentation

Mainstreaming Cycling in City Transport

Mr Jan Verschooren Emergency measures for Cyclists in the Master

plan for Mobility in Antwerp

Mr Jeroen Buis A Cycle Policy for Dublin: Achievements and

Obstacles in Mainstreaming cycling in Dublin

TH3.D Presentation

Cycle networks for leisure and commuting

Mr Jens Erik Larsen EuroVelo, The European cycle route

network: Delivering the vision – and results!

Mr Gearoid Pierse The tourism benefit of national cycle path


TH3.E Presentation

Special Events to Promote Cycling

Mr Andrew Salkeld Wheels on reels’ Bicycle Film Festivals – Delivering

cultural change

Mrs Barbara Pillonel Cycle to culture bicycle promotion in an artistic

context, using it as a tool to accede to culture

Mrs Eva Martin-Diener First Results about the Potential of Car-free

HPM-Events in Switzerland to Reach Less Active


TH3.F Workshop

Enhancing Urban Cycling in Africa

Mr Marius de Langen A Strategy to Enhance Urban Cycling in Africa

TH3.G Presentation

Milan and Belgrade

Mr Pietro Nigrelli AICC (Italian Association of Cycling Cities)

proposal on the development of Cycling in Milan.

Mr Mirko Radovanac Vision is coming true

TH3.H Presentation

Cycling in Asia

Mr Jian Zhuo The controversy on electric bicycle in Chinese

Dr Kshaq Kayamkhani Impact of the use of bicycles in changing urban

environment: a case study of Udaipur, India

TH3.I Presentation

US Government Attitudes to Cycling & The Barcelona Cycle Masterplan

Dr Paul Simpson Crankshafted! Attitudes Affecting Cycling and

Health: The U.S. Experience

Ms Cristina Pou A cycling global vision in Barcelona

Friday 03/06/2005

F1.A Presentation

Cycle Friendly Employers

Mr Paul Bullett Tax Efficient Bikes4work – an experience

Ms Lorna Renwick Cycle Friendly Employer and Scotland’s Health at

Work – Making the Links

F1.B Presentation

Cycling Speed

Mr Laurence Gill An insight into journey time and safety as factors

influencing the modal choice of cycling in Dublin

Mr Niels Jensen How Fast on a Bicycle? Measuring Cycling

Travelling Speed in Copenhagen

F1.C Presentation

Road Safety & Bicycle Quality Standards

Dr Pietro Boselli The European bicycle safety standard and the EU

integration process (part 2)

Mr Patrick Lingwood Is it safe to promote cycling? A comparative

analysis of English and European data


F1.D Presentation

Planning for Cycling in Residential Areas

Ms Finola O’Driscoll Planning Cycle-Friendly Residential Areas

Mr Nigel Coates When Cyclists are Forgotten

F1.E Presentation

Safer Routes to School – 2

Mr Philip Darnton The ‘Bike It’ Pilot Scheme – A submission of the Bicycle Association of Great Britain

Mrs Margreet Steenhuisen-Kuipers Brabant road safety label: Maximum effect through


F1.F Workshop

Cycle Planning and Public Consultation

Ms Lynette Ellis Cycle Route Implementation Stakeholder Plan

F1.G Presentation

The UrBike Project

Mr Raphael Calvelli URBIKE : Cluster of cities helping each other to

solve their bike problems

Pro Gerd-Axel Ahrens Integration of Bicycle Traffic in the city of

Dresden – UrBike project

F1.H Workshop

Creating and Strengthening Bicycle Advocacy


Mrs Sue Knaup Creating and Strengthening Powerful Bicycle

Advocacy Organizations

Reportage Session

The opening plenary will have set out key questions and issues for the Conference to adress. During the week, the various chairs will have been reporting back on outcomes from the individula sessions, and common conclusions emerging from the sessions.

In this session, selected chairpersons and speakers will consider the main conference findings in open session, recap on the results of the 5 debates, and summarise the main messages coming from Velo-city Dublin for the main stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally.

John Henry

Director/CEO, Dublin Transportation Office,



13 14


The closing plenary will recap on the main finding of the conference, as distilled by the reportage session above. The conference will then be addressed by the EU Commissioner for Transport, Jacques Barrot – as a cyclist, as a relatively recently appointed EU Commissioner, and as one of the global stakeholders in transport, his address will be a fitting climax to the week’s discussion and debate. The Irish Minister for Transport, Mr. Martin Cullen, will also address the delegates.

The progress in Washington DC and federal/multi-city issues will also be presented.

A short presentation on Velo Mondial 2006 will follow, covering the global progress and issues since Velo Mondial 2000.

As is normal at Velo-city, there will follow the announcement of the winning city for Velo-city 2007, and a presentation from that city, to whet the appetite….

John Henry

Director/CEO, Dublin Transportation Office, Ireland

Jacques Barrot

EU Commissioner for Transport

Dan Tangherlini

Director, Washington DC Department of Transportation, USA

Martin Cullen TD

Minister for Transport, Ireland

Conor McCarthy

Dublin Transportation Office

Representative of Winning City

Host City Velo-city 2007

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