Vello presenting new folding electric bike at Cycle Show

Folding bike manufacturer and mobility provider Vello is presenting its new folding electric bike, which weighs under 10kg, at the Cycle Show.

The official bike presentation will take place today, Friday 22nd April, 10:30 at the Vello stand W314. The Cycle Show 2022 kicks off today, alongside the London eBike Festival powered by Shimano Steps, and runs until 24th April at Alexandra Palace.

Valentin Vodev, industrial designer and Vello company founder, said: “With its patented lightweight 1.9kg full-titanium Vello frame and eight-seconds-folding mechanism, we have managed to push the boundaries for lightweight folding electric bikes.

“It weighs 9.9kg whilst using off-the-shelve standard component parts. This sets a huge milestone in the bike industry.

“With our folding bike models, Vello has already successfully established itself as an innovative folding bike brand in Germany and France. The next logical step for us is to expand to the cradle of folding bikes here in the United Kingdom.”

With its built-in four sensors and KERS technology (kinetic energy recovery system), the battery can recharge while braking or going downhill. Vello folding electric bikes have a wide range – when fully charged, the battery lasts from 50 km at maximum engine power to nearly unlimited using the full recuperation mode.

The additional slope sensor integrated in the electric motor functions similarly to a gear shift in that it adjusts the motor assistance automatically for optimal cadence. Optionally, the Vello bikes can be equipped with the Schlumpf Drive gear system: Speed Drive for urban settings or Mountain Drive for rural ascends.

In addition to the Vello electric folding e-bikes, the complete Vello model range will be presented at the Cycle Show. All Vello bikes are available at its UK distributor About the Bike, 124B Dalston Lane, E8 1NG, London.

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