VEE Tire Co goes direct to IBDs

Brand to eschew the distribution model by dealing direct with retailers.

VEE Tire Co. UK has revealed that it intends to forgo the traditional distributor model and deal with retailers directly.

The company has commented that it is looking forward to working closely with retailers to maximise sales and offer a larger range its bicycle tires.

The VEE Tire Co. UK team commented: "We understand that times are tough for bicycle retailers; we’re listening to the general message of the industry and we want to help. We’re working hard to ensure that IBDs have access to the best margins possible, to help weather the downturn that this retail sector is experiencing.”

VEE Tire Co. recently parted from previous distribution partner Upgrade Bikes. “We enjoyed working with Upgrade,” commented Vee Tire Co. UK. “They did an excellent job with our brand in the UK. We’d like to thank the whole team for the hard work they did.”

New products that aim to support the brand’s new ‘dealer-first’ ethos are expected in the coming months.

For more information on the range of VEE Tire Co. call 0121 661 9498 or email

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