Concept pedelec renderings and release notes hint at bike battery chargeable in transit

Vauxhall and Opel e-bike concept emerges

Vauxhall appears to be developing an electric bike concept alongside Opel, dubbed the Rad E.

Computer renderings and early notes on the build hint at a 250w electric motor powered by a lithium ion battery, which will likely be compatible with the car maker’s FlexFix bike mount and thus chargeable in transit. 

Vauxhall says the bike will have a likely range of between 40 and 90 miles per charge, though these vague numbers are subject to change between now and any potential production model’s release.

The same smartpone based control as used in Vauxhall’s ‘Rak E’ will apparently work with the concept. This means that any rider of this bike will be able to ‘unlock’ the motor and on board computers, which will presumbaly provide data on range, speed and location.

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