Bike-theft prevention scheme heading stateside

USA to get its own Bike Revolution

Bike Revolution’s cycle-theft-busting Pulse ID tags are officially launching in the US in January 2011.

Following the firm’s partnership with Kryptonite, the tags will be available from independent retailers in the UK too, with further global expansion in the offing later in the year. Kryptonite will be closely involved in the distribution of the tags, the support of the bike registration and recovery service.

The Pulse ID tags are unique, tamper-resistant devices with a QR barcode to identify the bike and it’s status. A cyclist with a smartphone can download one of many free 2D barcode ‘apps’, scan a tagged bicycle and then discover whether the bike is stolen or not.

If stolen then Bike Revolution publishes the information on its site and uses Facebook, Twitter to spread the word, also sending alerts to the bike owner, local authorities, bike shops and cycling clubs. There’s more on that here.

The tags themselves cost £9.95 in the UK and $14.95 in the US.

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