USA Cycling tackles neuroscience in new partnership

USA Cycling is delving into the world of neuroscience by partnering with brain stimulation technology brand Halo Neuroscience.

The relationship, which USA Cycling described as ‘wide-ranging,’ will allow USA Cycling to work first-hand with Halo Sport to "explore the technology’s effects on athlete performance."

The partnership focuses on the USA Cycling National Team, providing advanced neurological brain stimulation to athlete training. In addition, National Team athletes across multiple USA Cycling disciplines will have the chance to experience Halo Spot and also support research to identify further advances in the use of transcranial direct current stimulation in cycling skills and endurance.

“We are looking forward to introducing Halo Sport as a training tool for our National Team,” said Scott Schnitzspahn, vice president of Elite Athletics at USA Cycling. “At the highest levels of our sport, the difference between standing at the top of the podium and finishing off of it can be tenths or hundredths of a second. The partnership will allow us to see how this technology can help our athletes train for their chance to be a World Champion or Olympic medalist.”

Members of USA Cycling will benefit as well, getting the opportunity to purchase Halo Sport units at a discount under the partnership agreement.

Daniel Chao, CEO and co-founder of Halo Neuroscience, added, “I’ve been an avid cyclist since the early 90s, and the physiologic challenges of the sport actually helped inspire the creation of Halo Sport to a significant degree.”

“Cycling is a fascinating blend of endurance and skills, and an activity that can be significantly improved through the use of the neuropriming capabilities of our product,” said Chao. “We’re immensely proud to partner with USA Cycling and are dedicated to doing whatever we can to help all the athletes associated with the organisation optimise their training and competitive results.”

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