In 2000 Razor helped popularise the kick-scooter in the US. With the Airgo, the company later re-introduced the souped-up pogostick. Today Razor launched the Scream-Machine, a mass-market, skid-happy trike for boys aged 4 to 12.

US scooter populariser introduces ScreamMachine , a skidding trike for tots-to-teens

Razor is billing its toy a "retro rocket". It’s a modernised version of the Big Wheel three-wheeler, popular in the US in the 1970s.

"Unlike its all-plastic predecessor, Scream Machine is a fully-chromed missile; souped-up, low-down and high speed, with a wide, aggressive stance and flared wheels just waiting to tear up the pavement," said the launch announcement from Razor.

"Tough, fast, safe and enabling the best skid-outs known to asphalt, Scream Machine thrills today’s kids to extremes never before thought possible."

The $99 Scream-machines will be sold through mass-market retailers in the US such as Toys R Us and The Sports Authority.

Razor USA president Carlton Calvin, now an expert at updating and reintroducing fads of the past, said:

"Kids’ eyes grow wide at the sight of the Scream Machine. After experiencing its super speed and skid-outs, they’re bulging. This is one of the coolest products Razor has ever introduced.

"The thrill of going fast and having fun never goes out of style. If my own kids are any indicator, children everywhere aren’t going to be able to get enough of the Scream Machine."

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