The 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, released today, emphasises the best foods to eat but, for the first time, it also adds the proviso that daily exercise is essential. And exercise must be "moderate to vigorous" for 60 minutes a day. The new guidelines don't mention which form of exercising is best but another set of health tips from the feds says "Walk, cycle, jog, skate, etc., to work, school, the store, or place of worship." Here's a new campaign for Sustrans: Safe Routes to Church...

US government tells citizens to eat less, exercise more

"Every American is looking for (the National Institutes of Health) to come up with that pill. It’s not going to happen," said Tommy Thompson, secretary of Health and Human Services.

"You want to look better? You want to feel better? To do that, lower your caloric intake, lower the fats and carbs, eat more whole grains. And you exercise."

The last guidelines were released in 2000 but had no advise on exercise.

In the new advice, exercise should be moderately vigorous, but no specific activity is recommended.

"Engage in approximately 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity activity on most days of the week," say the fat-fearing feds.

Over at the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, there’s specific advise on which exercises are best to incorporate into a person’s daily routine:

"There are 1440 minutes every day. Schedule 30 of them for physical activity. Walk, cycle, jog, skate, etc., to work, school, the store, or place of worship."…/dietaryguidelines…/recommendations.htm…/tips.htm

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