Robert F. Bruner, the dean of Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, has told a Chinese newspaper that Formula One drivers don't like to ride bikes, as if the 'humble' bicycle is too lo-tech for the likes of Britain's David Coulthard or Australia's Mark Webber. In fact, both drivers are mad keen cyclists and many other F1 drivers are owners of high-end road bikes that you almost need F1 wages to afford...

US business school dean says F1 drivers don’t like bikes

Bruner was explaining Chinese student MBA take-up figures to the Washington correspondent of the People’s Daily.

"I am trying to think of a good figure of speech. If you are being trained to drive a Formula One Race car, but finally somebody gives you a bicycle to ride, it is natural that you cannot ride the bicycle well," said the business school dean.

Not so, Mr Bruner. In fact, cycling is one of the F1 drivers’ favoured keep-in-shape pastimes and it’s not unknown for some drivers to have high-end road bikes dotted across the world. British driver David Coulthard has hugely expensive road bikes at his homes in Scotland and in Monaco.

Earlier this year, Australian F1 driver Mark Webber turned down a race at the Goodwood Festival of Speed to race his mountain bike at England’s Saab Salomon Mountain Mayhem 24 hour race.

Webber told "I’ve got to be in good nick for this job and cycling is low impact, builds back strength and it’s surprising just how many muscles it does work. All the other drivers are very fit and some of them have cycling in their fitness programme."…/mark_webber

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