Ursus SpA donates funds to the Veneto Region

Ursus SpA, the Ferronato family and all its staff have donated €50,000 to the Veneto Region to contribute to the management of the health emergency caused by COVID-19.

“At this difficult time that Veneto and the whole of Italy are experiencing, it is a duty to support our doctors, nurses, health workers and all the volunteers who are in the front line every day fighting against an invisible enemy that makes us all equal and vulnerable,” stated Mirko Ferronato, CEO of Ursus SpA.

“Every one of us must play their part. We are experiencing a situation that I would never have expected to experience in my life but I am certain that we will come out the other side more united and stronger than before.”

Ursus SpA is an Italian company which has been specialising for over 50 years in metal manufacturing and components for bicycles. It recorded another increase in turnover over 2019 compared to the previous year, reaching €20 million turnover.

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