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‘Unstealable’ Yerka bike hits crowdfunding target in just one week

The "world’s first unstealable bicycle" did the media rounds in a big way last year, but it’s just passed its $52,000 crowdfunding target after only one week of campaigning.

Yerka was dreamt up by three engineering students and bike enthusiasts from Chile. The frame itself is the locking mechanism so not only does the rider never need to remember to carry a lock, but any attempt to steal the bike would render it unusable.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has, at time of writing, 37 days left to run. Wisely, the trio behind Yerka brought the bike to the media’s attention long before asking for funding. Its YouTube video racked up millions of hits (3.6m) and the team have received more than 10,000 emails from around the world from interested parties.

The bikes will ship its first round of bikes in September, with the first 1,000 available for a special price of $399 – if snapped up through the Indiegogo campaign.

Since that media friendly launch the bike has been updated with more colour options.

Here’s that video:

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