High Def and GPS editions available

Ultra Sport Europe to distribute Contour hands free cameras

Ultra Sport Europe is to bring sports camera brand Contour to the UK trade.

Three hands-free cameras make up the range; Contour HD, Contour GPS and the new Countour+. A range of accessories are also available.

The HD version films in 1080p video, with a 135 degree wide-angle lens, delivering quality images with minimal distortion, the firm says. The GPS edition is similar to the HD, but with GPS location tracking included. It maps location, speed and elevation at up to four times a second. The Contour+ enables live streaming via HDMI.

Cam Zink, freeriding bike star, said: “Contour makes filming an everyday possibility. I can go out by myself and get shit done without having to plan a trip, pay a filmer or beg someone to film a line. I flip the switch and just ride. And I don’t have a windsail or billboard sticking off my helmet while I do it. Contour’s streamlined design is without a doubt the best hands-free camera in the world. Easy, high quality and every gadget and feature you could ever think of as well as some you never would.”


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