"Cyclists should go back to the pavements, yet give priority to pedestrians" says leaflet

UKIP candidate wants cyclists to play chicken with cars and people

Don’t worry about calling on MPs to vote through proper infrastructure for cyclists, the UKIP candidate for the seat of Charnwood in Leicestershire has come up with a new plan – those on two wheels can just bunny hop between the pavement and the road depending on what’s coming the other way…

Ok, so that’s a slight exageration of the content, but we did have to verify that the leaflet handed out by Lynton Yates wasn’t a parody before tackling this one.

The leaflet reads:

"As much as I applaud cycling as a form of exercise and past-time (*cough, pastime*) the already congested roads cannot cope with both bus lanes AND cyclists

"Cycles should go back to the pavements yet give priority to pedestrians."

The tagline at the base reads: Common sense policies and common sense solutions.

Are they all in the pub when creating their policies?

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