Mineral Products Association member vehicles to be upgraded and drivers trained.

UK lorry org to equip 30,000 vehicles with safety equipment

UK-wide trade association the Mineral Products Association is to see its members equip 30,000 lorries with blind spot mirrors and a number of other upgrades designed to improve the safety of pedestrains and cyclists.

The Association’s 465 members will also provide driver training, with the MPA’s training body having developed a specific course to create greater awareness of vulnerable road users.

All new lorries will now be fitted with class VI mirrors, blind spot elimination devices, side under-run guards, , audible left turn warnings and rear warning signs. Existing trucks will be upgraded with the same equipment over the next five years.

The London Cycling Campaign’s ‘lorry expert’, Charlie Lloyd, said: “We’re delighted at the MPA’s new code of conduct. We’ve been lobbying behind the scenes and campaigning publicly for years to encourage transport operators to agree to radical measures to reduce road danger for cyclists and pedestrians."

The ‘Vulnerable Road User Policy’, launched in London during morning rush hour on October 31st, saw four lorries parked up, which cyclists were encouraged to climb inside to gain a driver’s perspective of the view from the cab. Road Safety Minister, Stephen Hammond, attended.

The London Cycling Campaign has more on this story, here.

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