57 manufactures see 96 models approved as UCI legal and race ready

UCI pleased with uptake of stickering programme

The UCI has hailed its stickering program a success, with 57 manufacturers paying the £3,300 fee to see their bikes approved for racing in the first year.

Introduced to the dismay of many in the industry in March last year, the UCI’s homologation program is perhaps small change to larger manufacturers, though smaller fish will be hit harder should they wish to see their bikes on the start line of any top level UCI road races. The stickering program is to be applied beyond just road and track racing, however, with some speculating that eventually even aerodynamic clothing could be subject to a UCI approval.

In fact, the next target is in the UCI’s sights. Wheel manufacturers beware, according to the release: "To reinforce the approval procedure, the UCI is preparing to extend the label to cover other bike components, starting with the security of wheels."

Originally the sport’s governing body set the price for approvals at £8,000, though this was reduced by a drastic margin when the industry began to question the heavy price tag.

All models of frames and forks produced after 1st January 2011 must sport the label in order to be used in road, track and cyclo-cross events on the UCI calendar.

UCI Technical Coordinator Julien Carron explains why the program is necessary stating: “This approval procedure benefits at the same time the cycling industry, riders, their teams and the commissaires. It is a service provided by the UCI which does not generate any profit.

"The aim is to guarantee a better equity between the riders, informing them which models to choose to be sure that they can take the start of races.”

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